Floatzilla Soft Plastic Floats

Makes Your Bait Come Alive

Floatzilla terminal tackle products are groundbreaking attachments for a wide variety of soft plastic lures. Both simple and easy to use, Floatzilla attachments bring otherwise static lures to life.  Floatzilla products have been tested by pros, and they’ve never used a product so capable of increasing bites and strikes. Floatzillas seamlessly blend into soft lures, increasing performance in a game changing way. Fish love it, the pros love it, and you’ll love it too!

Invented By Avid Fisherman Doug Reed
Created by semi-professional fisherman Doug Reed, Floatzilla is now patented and attractively packaged with an eye-catching logo and graphics.
Floatzillas  are available in several variations and colors to seamlessly blend in with any soft plastic lure.

PATENT US 11,672,240

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